Documentation for the SmartApp creators

Use our documentation and free tools to develop SmartApps for Sber’s virtual assistants.


Salute family assistants can do a lot of things, but you can help them become even better. Create SmartApps, train virtual assistants and reach Sber’s audience of millions



Where to start

Learn what SmartApp is

Come up with an idea of a SmartApp

Select a tool

Types of SmartApps

chat app

A simple dialog solution that can be created without programming skills

Chat App examples

  • Viewing posters
  • Receiving online orders
  • Arranging delivery
canvas app

An app with beautiful interface and scenarios of different levels of complexity

Canvas App examples

  • Ordering products
  • Buying tickets
  • Games and puzzles
native app

An Android app with graphical interface and voice guidance

Native App examples

  • Watching films
  • Launching audio player
  • Online exercises

Already have prepared skills?

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What we offer

Free development tools, our own API, possible integration with external services, documentation and first-line support - we have everything to help you create a SmartApp

SmartMarket Studio

Developer's Cabinet for setting up and publishing a SmartApp. It will help you to start using the free tools: SmartApp Graph and SmartApp Code

SmartApp Graph

Visual constructor for those who do not want to program, but are ready to create their own SmartApp

SmartApp Code

A tool for developers able to create their own web service in JavaScript