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Step 4. Registering a Smartapp

  1. Register in SmartMarket Studio.

  2. In your personal space, click Создать проект (Create a Project) and select Smart Home.

  3. Name your project – this name will be used only in SmartMarket Studio. Then select the integration type: Cloud-to-Cloud.

  4. Fill in the information about your company on the О проекте (About the Project) tab: brand name, logo and links to your app in the App Store and Google Play. If your app is in the AppGallery store, you can give a link there as well (this is optional).

    Links will be displayed in the Salute application during linking accounts: if the user does not have your application on his phone, he will download it from this link and complete the linking of accounts.

  5. On the tab Параметры (Parameters) specify the endpoints, tokens and restrictions for authorization via OAuth2 and accessing your webhook:

    • Тип передачи параметров (Type of parameter transfer) - choose how you will transfer the key and the user's access token: in the parameters or the request header.
    • Адрес API-сервера проекта (Address of the project's API server) - enter the URL of the webhook. The Sber smart home will send requests to it.
    • Адрес для авторизации (Authorization address) - specify the address of your authorization form. It will be shown to the user in the process of linking accounts.
    • Адрес для получения токена (Address to receive the token), Идентификатор клиента (Client ID), Секрет клиента (Client Secret) - these data will be used by the Sber smart home to receive the user's access token.
    • OAuth2 Scopes - list the fields of the user account in your database to which access will be allowed for the Sber smart home. If OAuth access is granted without restrictions and the smart home will have access to all account data, you do not need to specify the fields.
  6. If you have implemented methods for requests to the smart home API, on the Доступ к API (API Access) tab, generate and copy the token. It must be specified in the header of all requests in the Authorization field.

All entered data is automatically saved in the draft of the project. They can be corrected or the project can be submitted for moderation.

After successful moderation and publication of the project, the smartapp parameters can also be changed, but after that you will need to send the smartapp for moderation again.