Step 2. Registering a Smartapp

  1. Create an account at SmartMarket Studio.
  2. In your personal space, click Создать проект (Create project) and select Smart Home.
  3. Name your project - this name will be used in SmartMarket Studio exclusively. Then select the type of integration: Tuya-based.
  4. Fill in your company information on the О проекте (About) tab: brand name, logo, and links to your application in App Store and Google Play. If your app is present in the AppGallery, you can provide a link there as well (this is optional).

    The links will be displayed in the Sber Salut app during the account linking: if a user doesn't have your app on their phone, he/she will download it using this link and complete the account linking.

  5. On the Параметры (Settings) tab, specify the options for account linking and for accessing your webhook in the Tuya Cloud.

    • Адрес для авторизации (Authorization address) – URL of your authorization form. It will be shown to a user in the process of account linking.
    • Идентификатор клиента (Client ID) – Client ID for Tuya C2C integration.
    • Секрет клиента (Client secret) – The Client secret for accessing your webhook in the Tuya Cloud.

All entered data are automatically saved in the project draft. You can choose to correct them or publish the project.

Once a project has been successfully moderated and published, you can also change your  smartapp settings.