Raster and vector maps with everything from paths to new buildings. With flexible setting and user-friendly skin editing

2GIS API will help you to solve your business tasks—show branches or ATMs, create a tourism service, or launch a social networking website

2GIS makes maps

For web services

This API is based on a WebGL-powered 3D vector map. You can rotate the map, change the angle, and create the craziest animations. In the style editor, you can brand the map or adapt it to your service tasks: change building colors or width of outline, enable or disable 3D, upload your icons

For mobile apps

2GIS Maps’ SDK for iOS and Android is created using modern patterns and programming languages. Like in WebGL API, the map can be adjusted in the style editor that can be easily built into almost any device. SDK is updated regularly with new roads, areas, organizations, and houses

With love for details

The map is 2GIS’s passion and crown jewel. It has all the city components, from traffic lights to 3D models of iconic buildings. 2GIS shows indoor plans of shopping malls and airports and knows where entrances of almost every house are. To make it possible, map makers decipher satellite images, AI marks road signs from photos and videos, and 900 employees walk around the area to update data

Without JavaScript

2GIS Static Maps allows users to show a static map without JavaScript on web pages and in apps. That is useful for printing or as a map preview on websites or in apps where there’s no need for interactive maps

For simple tasks

JS API is based on the Leaflet library also used by Foursquare, Flickr, Pinterest, GitHub. JS API is fully open-source and mobile ready, including gestures, with many Leaflet plugins


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