2GIS Navigation API
2GIS Navigation API

2GIS Navigation API

Routes for cars, trucks, and pedestrians. Considering traffic jams, road closures, and boom barriers, Navigation API solves logistics tasks of any complexity

Tools for taxis, couriers, transport and logistics companies

A full set of business tools

2GIS creates routes

For trucks

Algorithms know how to find a path through No Trucks zones and offer entry and exit roads according to traffic laws. They consider the maximum authorized mass, vehicle sizes, cargo specifics, road width, and turning dimensions

For taxis

With Navigation API, you can create a route taking into account bus lanes. DistanceMatrix API gives you information on accessibility of certain points and helps to choose points with required access time. You can supplement these data with your own algorithms, for example, removing unsuitable cars when ordering a taxi

No traffic jams, toll roads, and dirt trails

Directions API creates car routes taking into account real and projected traffic jams and bypassing toll roads and dirt trails. In urban areas where GPS signals can be scattered, it considers the movement azimuth to choose a proper lane and create the correct route

2GIS Navigator in your app

Soon: 2GIS Navigator in your app. With voice assistance and traffic tooltips

For pedestrians

Walking routes are created taking into account paths, fences, gates, and pedestrian crossings. You can see potential obstacles such as boom barriers or steps and choose the optimal route

For delivery

2GIS API can determine delivery zones and exclude areas you want to avoid. With Isochrone API, you can calculate which points a courier will reach from the center of the polygonal zone within the given time, and, vice versa, from which point to the center

Navigation API

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