2GIS Search API
2GIS Search API

2GIS Search API

Guide API with details on every company, from addresses to headcount. Search with tooltips and autocorrection. Direct and reverse geocoding

2GIS knows details of millions of organizations

2GIS searches

By address or coordinates

With Geocoder API, you can determine coordinates and receive information about an object based on its address (direct geocoding) and, vice versa, find out its address based on its coordinates (reverse geocoding)

With tooltips

Suggest API shows tooltips when searching for objects. To see suitable options and choose from them, the user should just start entering the text into the search field. Tooltips take into account the user’s location

Companies, buildings, and places

You can use any search criteria: by name, e.g. ‘individual entrepreneur Golubev,’ by business sector, e.g. ‘restaurants,’ geocriteria, e.g. ‘flowers on Baumanskaya Street,’ by attributes of services and goods, e.g. ‘Italian cuisine cafe,’ as well as by phone number, website address, and taxpayer ID number

2GIS knows everything about every bar

Its name, description, location, entrance, working hours

Menu with description and photos, average check, extra services, seating capacity

Phone number, website, email, links to social media pages

Visit statistics, headcount, taxpayer ID number, and legal details

2GIS Search API

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