Platform V DataSpace
Platform V DataSpace

Platform V DataSpace

Tools and libraries for the creation of abstraction layer over data

The tool provides an access layerto data based on customer’s data model

A fault-tolerant distributed system for storage and processing of data online, which keeps data in random-access memory and has all DBMS functions

Platform V Dataspace


Independence from DBMS, DDL script automatic generation and rolling forward, support of PostgreSQL SE and Oracle, as well as embodied H2 for testing on a local computer

Independence from programming language due to Cloud Native protocol for interaction: GraphQL and JSON-RPC 2.0

Support of scaling out in container environment (k8s, OSE)

Support of idempotence, which enables protection from «double writing-off»

Automated DevOps allowing the installation of new apps versions without inaccessibility

Automatically generated functional and unit testing, which make it possible to test apps before deploying them to testbeds

Wide range of metrics for performance monitoring

Support of CQRS pattern




Time-2-Market Optimization

The DataSpace-based approach to building applications that work with the data warehouse allows significant acceleration in obtaining T2M MVP solution. For an average team of 3-5 people for 6 months, it is ≥ 10 man-minutes for each new app. 30-50% optimization of labor costs before the Deployment Stage due to baseline approach to databases and pre-integration with other Platform V and DevOps services

Wide range of functions

Automatic calculation of resources and response time. Spring boot starters functions, including idempotence Generation of basic tests and providing metrics and dashboards for monitoring Possible bundling with storage services (Oracle, PostgreSQL) and executive environment (a ready-made template or a function for FaaS environment)

Standardization and risk mitigation

Standardization of approaches to work with a storage on the platform

Use cases

A developer describes a data model and uses the DataSpace tool to generate services for saving and searching data in a database. Interaction with services is done through the Cloud Native API without the requirement to use a specific programming language or through a typed Java SDK.

Platform V DataSpace allows developers to considerably reduce time for developing backend of apps by solving standard problems related to working with a database in a distributed environment and ensuring a necessary level of reliability. It also eliminates the necessity of going into details of working with the database

Platform V DataSpace

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