Object Storage Service
Object Storage Service

Object Storage Service

Secure object storage compatible with S3

About the service

Object Storage Service is a stable, reliable, effective and easy-to-use cloud data warehouse. Owing to REST API, the OBS object storage may contain any amount of structured and unstructured data in any format


The object storage as a service is used individually or in combination with other products. For example, a cloud server, a block storage or third-party systems


Object storage is a storage system designed for working with cloud applications, content distribution, backup and archiving, disaster recovery , big data analysis etc.. The service is available via OBS REST API, SDK, OBS Console, and S3 client

Key characteristics

Version control, storage, access and recovery of any object from OBS

Access and security control


Standard SAN for one available area — 99.9%

Standard SAN for three available areas — 99.95%

SAN with low access frequency — 99%

Object Storage Service

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