SoM — Salute-on-module
SoM — Salute-on-module

SoM — Salute-on-module

Integration of Salute assistants in any device

About the technology

We present you SoM — Salute-on-module. It is a hardware-software solution, which may be used to easily integrate the Salute assistants in any device and to provide a new user experience: voice control with the use of natural speech and implementation of smart scenarios

Why SOM?

Our devices are getting smarter every day and their use is becoming more and more natural for us. And what can be more natural than the human speech?

We have been thinking about that for a long time and recognized how difficult it is to provide the intellect for appliances used in our everyday life. Since we have to create a system that would hear and understand the human speech at the distance and in the context of neighborhood noises and echoes. Not to mention the creation of a compact electronic solution that would combine the most advanced technologies in this field

Powerful solution

Together with our best engineers, we have created a solution that would relieve manufacturers of long years of development in the field of voice technologies, complex electronics and algorithms aimed at clearing voice signals of extraneous noises.

SoM is based on an electronic module combining all the components required for voice assistant support: central processor, random-access and non-volatile memory and Wi-Fi module. In additional, the module should have interfaces and signals for interaction with home appliances where it would be built in

What we offer

Electronic module with all things needed

A compact electronic module that can be connected to any home appliances and turn it into smart devices with the internet access

Wakeup and command recognition algorithms

Device wakeup algorithms using key words (Salute, Athena, Joy, Sber) and a cloud system for voice command recognition

Speech enhancement at the distance

A microphone array and algorithms for speech enhancement at the distance

SDK and a debug board for prototyping

The developer tool is represented by a single-purpose SDK and a debug board for prototyping target solutions

SoM — Salute-on-module

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