Voice of your business

SmartSpeech — speech synthesis and recognition from Sber

Speech recognition

The Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology can:
— filter background noises,
— detect an end of utterance,
— detect speaker’s emotions,
— insert punctuation marks.

Speech may be recognized better and quicker with the use of hints. They help to understand the user’s speech at a specific moment and to accelerate the system response

Speech synthesis

The Text to Speech (TTS) technology generates the speech that sounds natural.

SmartSpeech provides various speakers’ voices. You can choose the timbre, tone and mood.

The TTS technology uses unique models for marking accents and pronouncing the letter ‘ё’, which allows decreasing the number of phonetic mistakes and inaccuracies.

It also uses a large text normalization package allowing to pronounce digits, addresses, names and other complex texts

Easy API integration

SmartSpeech API allows you to connect speech recognition and synthesis to your products and services quickly and efficiently.

API uses HTTP and gRPC protocols, and therefore it can be integrated with almost any system

Usage scenarios

Voicing of content

Turn text into audio — instructions, audio books or website content. Voice your videos and presentations to reduce production costs


Turn audio into text — create subtitles, transcripts of lectures and meeting minutes, take orders and fill CRM without any cost and effort

Voicing of interfaces

The SmartSpeech technologies may be used to voice menu items, descriptions of goods and navigation elements on websites and in apps. This allows visually impaired people and even small children to use your products

Voice control

Add the voice control and your customers will be able to find information and make orders when it is not convenient for them to type. For examples, voice may be used to generate a cart quickly or leave your name and contacts. It allows increasing conversion and improving UX

Your own voice assistant

Create your own voice assistant, which will become a powerful marketing tool and a part of your brand. The voice assistant stays in touch with your customers at any time, doesn’t require any training costs, doesn’t forget anything and is always friendly. Your customers will appreciate it

Analysis of personnel work and service quality

Analyze how your employees interact with customers in service offices and by phone, to assess the service quality, improve scripts and increase customer loyalty

Telephony automation

Create an IVR to reduce the operator’s time to answer to your customers. Optimize costs by using a robot to call your customers

SmartSpeech advantages

High-quality recognition, realistic synthesis
The models are being constantly trained on large amount of data
Technologies from Sber
While using SmartSpeech, you get advanced technologies, a reliable partner and high-quality service
Cost-efficient tariffs
You pay as you go: for seconds of speech recognition and for characters of speech generation

How to connect SmartSpeech


Create an account at SmartMarket Studio


Create a corporate space


Create a SmartService in your corporate space


Fill a request for connection to SmartSpeech and send it for moderation


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