The integration of SmartMarket tools with the Jivo chat-bot technologies

Increase your sales conversion with JivoBot

Chat bot responds immediately 24/7. Less customers are lost while waiting for a response

Reduce costs on customer support

The chat-bot will answer instead of your employees

Connect the additional services package

The chat-bot is available for the users with the Jivo pro-version

Free for Jivo professional tariffs

Ready-made scenarios

Bots for your needs

Alfred. Ready answers

The bot is capable of answering simple questions and direct users

Instagram bot

Saving attention and filtering new dialogs with operators

Jarvis. 2GIS

Information about your company on 2GIS
Coming soon


Immediate response

Lack of response in the first 10 seconds causes 30% of lost customers

24/7 responses

The opportunity to answer customer queries outside business hours

Reduction of workload for operators


Visual builder
Diagram-based chatbot dialogue lowers the learning threshold and increases clarity
Ready-made templates for responses and chat-bots
You can start developing bot integrations from easy and useful templates
Services for bot of any complexity
Integrate your chat scenarios with other services through the expanded functions

Intellectual capabilities

  • Classification of customer queries by topics and the possibility to create your own question topics or use the ready-made ones
  • The ability to extract specific information from user queries, including phone numbers, emails, names, etc

  • The bot is capable of dealing with typos and mistakes and taking into account the way customer communicates
  • There is a special mode to promptly create question-answer scenarios

Tools to create chat-bots

Creation of logic and integrations

Scenario integration with corporate systems

It can be embedded in your scenarios of integration with corporate systems, such as CRM, customer database and many others

Extending the builder by writing logic in JavaScript

For bots of high complexity

Computing environment with Java, Python and JavaScript

The computing environment supports several programming languages, including Java, Python and JavaScript

Database as a service

Automate your Jivo channels with SberBusinessBot

We will create a customized bot for your business

More Sber technologies


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