Platform V Functions

FaaS solution for events oriented serverless calculations

A product for the developers who create applications based on Serverless architecture

FaaS platform helps solve the tasks of allocating computing resources, deployment, scaling, network access configuration and integration with other platform services

Platform V Functions

The product comes
as an on-premise solution

For large enterprise customers with a further deployment on the customer’s infrastructure on Kubernetes or OpenShift. Platform V Functions allows the creation of safe Serverless apps in all modern programming languages, particularly Java, Python, Golang, NodeJS. We’re creating a runtime environment based on Open Source components and provide basic implementations of functions with ready-made integration with other Platform V services


Serverless Solutions

The product helps to bring developed apps to the market much more rapidly by using the cloud platform

Upload of the Initial Code to the Cloud

No need to prepare and set up infrastructure for the apps to work. Platform V Functions meets basic requirements of the FaaS solution and provides event oriented serverless calculations

Platform V Functions

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