Speech recognition and synthesis based on Sber’s technologies to be used for Salute virtual assistants


SmartSpeech allows any business connect to the exciting world of speech technologies, without the need to use any special equipment

How It Works

Companies intending to use SmartSpeech are provided with the API that enables speech services for their products. The API uses the HTTP and gRPC protocols to quickly implement the code into almost any system. It is most convenient to use HTTP REST and gRPC API, when a business already has its integrated solutions, such as a mobile platform client. If you need to integrate TTS API into a website or app — HTTP is the simplest and fastest way


Customized GPU-based speech recognition system, with a unique decoder and acoustic model

Powerful text normalization

Digits, addresses, names, and many more

Hints for speech recognition

They help to better understand user’s speech at certain moments and thus speed up the system response


The speaker library is continuously updating

Unique models to place stresses and the Russian «ё» (yo) letter

Recognition of silence, noises, end of utterance, speaker’s emotions, and punctuation marks

Examples of use

Speech synthesis for chats, guides and product descriptions

Users of your app or website can both see and listen to the content Use speech synthesis for chats, guides, and product descriptions

Voice input for texts

Customers can turn to voice input when they face difficulties in writing Integrate speech recognition into your chats, searching or navigation

Interactive menu and autoattendant

You can use speech synthesis and recognition for IVR (interactive voice response) and auto-attendants, which optimizes your call center


SmartSpeech technologies enable you to exclude human operators — make your telemarketing more efficient

How to Connect

Go to SmartMarket Studio

Create or select a corporate space

Create a SmartService project in the corporate space

Fill in the request to connect to the SmartSpeech and send it for moderation


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