The DNA of an engineer

The DNA of an engineer

Passionate about what we do

We foster a design engineering bureau atmosphere in our teams, where we encourage creativity and inventiveness. We don’t hire developers who “just write code.” We don’t hire people who think it’s enough to just show up at the office and do what they’re told. What we value most in people is their interest in what they do. More than interest, what we value is their passion. We want you to be in love with what you do. Even the tiniest detail in our products should cause a WOW! reaction in customers and a sense of pride in you. We care, what we do truly matters to us, and we only hire people who are equally invested.

We’re all different, but we share a common mission – caring for our clients

We are building a global integrated ecosystem that is trusted and engaged by over a hundred million customers in any life situations and circumstances. Every one of our products and all our technology bring value to our users and make their everyday lives easier. We don’t create products for the sake of products or technology for the sake of technology; we make decisions for the benefit of our customers, and not a specific product or organizational structure. We launch products that we would want to use ourselves. We are always there for you!

We are professionals

We have extensive knowledge in our fields and are constantly developing, refining, and honing our skills. We believe that curiosity, inquisitiveness, and an interest in exploration are the quintessential qualities of an engineer. We value flexibility and open-mindedness and encourage different perspectives and experimentation. We strive for a meritocracy of ideas — we value knowledge, not job titles. We are not afraid to hire people more skillful and knowledgeable than us — in fact, we make every effort to find these people and invite them to join our team. We create all the conditions necessary for our employees to develop, both management and expert career paths. Our leaders are not only first-rate managers — they are also technology experts in their fields.

Simple and elegant solutions

In the words of Andrey Tupolev, famous Russian aeronautical engineer, “ugly planes don’t fly.” Every decision we make is influenced by a large quantity of factors and conditions, so finding a balance is critical. We make products for very different customers, so they must be clear and comprehensible. Even if the product is technically complex under the hood, users should not be able to notice.

The courage to dream and do

We believe it’s possible and necessary to take on things that seem impossible at first. We are not afraid to question the established rules and try things that no one has tried before. We are not afraid of uncertainty. We believe in the fail fast principle and are not afraid to experiment and make mistakes in our search for the right solution.

Responsibility toward our clients and each other

When we commit to achieving results, we don’t give up. We take difficulties and emerging changes not as a reason to adjust our goals, but as a reason to ask ourselves: “How else could we do it?” This does not contradict the fail fast principle — an honest failure acknowledged in a timely manner is still a positive result and serves as a learning experience that increases our chances of achieving results by taking a different route.

Our responsibility toward our clients is equally important: system reliability and resilience, cybersecurity, and user data protection are our principle uncompromising priorities. Achieving results with insufficient reliability and inadequate cybersecurity is unacceptable.

Trust and respect

Our team is a safe space in which it is absolutely fine to admit mistakes, ask for help, and give and receive feedback, knowing that what we’re doing is all for a common goal and never against anyone. We may disagree with each other when searching for the best solution, but we are always friendly and respectful. We may disagree with each other, but once a decision has been made and explained, we trust our colleagues and move on to execution. This doesn’t mean that we can’t then propose a better solution or initiate a review, but it does mean that, as long as no new decisions have been made, we implement the existing arrangements as if we had been the ones to propose them.

Don’t let anyone fail

One for all, and all for one. We believe that there is no such thing as “someone else’s problem.” We all depend on someone, and there is always someone who depends on us. My allied partner’s problem is my problem, too. We won’t allow anyone on our team to fail — we back them up and offer help in advance, sharing responsibility for achieving goals and resolving issues. Equally important, we are not afraid of asking for and accepting help.

Care and prudence

We understand that any resources, whether our own (time and energy), organizational (budget), or natural, are not infinite, so we treat them with respect, always checking whether issues can be solved inexpensively without losing quality. We prefer to reuse existing solutions rather than reinventing old ideas one more time. We are in favor of elegant solutions and against flooding problems with resources.

We’re running the show

Every day, each of us approaches problem-solving like a company owner, looking beyond the boundaries of functions and divisions. We don’t just support and develop the business — we are the business. These are our processes and products, and any problems with them are our problems, too. If there’s something limiting our efficiency, we don’t just put up with it and wait for someone else to fix it — we initiate the necessary changes ourselves.

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