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Sber Smart Home

Sber Smart Home is a platform enabling a user to control his/her smart devices. Sber Smart Home supports voice commands in Russian and is managed via the interface - in Salute mobile app, SberPortal, SberBox and other devices supported with Salute assistants.

If you are a smart device manufacturer or home automation platform provider, connect to Sber Smart Home and gain access to its audience. Sber Smart Home users will be able to buy your devices and manage them in a familiar way.

Integration into Sber Smart Home is possible in two ways:

  • Сloud-to-Cloud. You set up account integration and interact with your cloud via the API.
  • Tuya-based. If your devices use the Tuya platform, integration will simplify: we use an out-of-the-box solution to interface with the Tuya cloud, no additional development is required.