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Sber Smart Home

Last updated on August 26, 2022

Sber Smart Home is a platform that enables a user to control smart devices of various origin, offered both by Sber and by third-party vendors.

Sber Smart Home can be reached by cloud-based smart home devices and by wired smart home devices that use the MQTT protocol.

Integrated devices support voice control in the Russian language, as well as interface-based control. Devices can be managed via the Salute app, partner devices with Salute assistants, as well as via Sber devices, such as SberPortal, SberBox, SberBox Top, SberBox Time, and others.

If you are a smart device manufacturer, or a home automation platform provider, get connected to the Sber Smart Home platform free of charge and access the following benefits:

  • Access to Sber ecosystem's multi-million audience.

  • Voice control of devices with the help of Salute virtual assistants.

  • Device control via the Salute app interface and the interfaces of devices with Salute assistants.

  • Growth in your own product sales, underpinned by the "Salute! Smart Home" badge and joint marketing campaigns.