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Update history

Last updated on May 25, 2023

In this section you will find the history of updates and changes to the documentation.



When describing the user's device, you can now use the partner_meta field. In this field allowed to transmit any service information you need, the Sber Smart Home will store this information and return it in response to requests Get the user’s device list (get devices).


We have described a new category of devices — vacuum cleaners. Now they can be integrated with the Sber Smart Home.


Two new categories of devices can be integrated with the smart home: leak sensors and motorized valves. The structures of their description are given below:



A new category of devices is described kettles.


  • It is now possible to upload the device operation log in MQTT integrations. We described the process of working with the report in the sections for MQTT-integrators and for DYI-enthusiasts.

  • Added a new device category – scenario button.

  • We described how to redefine values for device functions allowed by default. Now you can independently set an allowed range of values for a function or select a list of values that can be taken by the function.

  • We described new device categories: curtains, gates, air purifiers, boilers, fans, heaters, air humidifiers, radiators, heated floors, louvered blinds and roller blinds.

    Now these devices can be integrated with Sber Smart Home.

  • We described how to connect smart homes based on the MQTT protocol to Sber Smart Home. Not only smart homes created by integrators, but also those of DIY enthusiasts can be connected.

  • We updated the document structure, provided a more detailed description of the stages of workspace and creating integrations of different types, added a section that describes the procedure for certification of devices and obtaining the badge “Salute! Smart Home”.



New categories of devices were added: digital cameras, opening sensors , motion sensors, temperature and humidity sensors. The functions needed to describe these devices were also added.


Two new device categories are added: air conditioners and LED stripes.


The integration with Sber Smart Home is described.

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