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Certifying devices and obtaining the "Salute! Smart Home" badge

Last updated on November 25, 2022

Partners that have confirmed their legal status and brand use rights may become a Sber Smart Home Verified Partner and obtain the rights to post the "Salute! Smart Home" badge on product packaging and on their website.

Certification confirms that your devices (specific SKUs) work correctly with Sber Smart home. To make such devices stand out, their packaging may be decorated with the "Salute! Smart Home" badge – with this, Sber Smart Home users will be confident that your devices are compatible with their smart homes. For all other users, the badge will be the sign of quality – the vendor cooperates with a major ecosystem which means that its devices have been tested and are reliable.

The badge is available only to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs – vendors of cloud smart devices that have created a Cloud-to-Cloud integration. Wired smart home integrators and DIY enthusiats cannot use the badge.

To have your devices certified and get the badge:

  1. Checking prerequisites
  2. Confirming your brand rights
  3. Having your devices certified
  4. Obtaining badge templates and having its locations agreed