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Integration scheme

To integrate into the Sber Smart home, a vendor must deploy an OAuth2 server for authorization and create a bridge, that will convert Sber Smart Home requests into vendor API requests and return a response. In addition, the bridge can send requests to the API of Sber Smart Home in a consistent format – it is not mandatory, but we recommend implementing it too.

Integration becomes available to users after moderation. To manage the vendor's devices via Sber Smart Home, a user must link his/her Sber ID in Salute mobile app to his/her account in the vendor's system: select the vendor’s name and enter the account password. If the authorization is successful, the user's access token is generated, which Sber Smart Home uses to send requests to the vendor's cloud.

Then Sber Smart Home requests from the vendor a list of the user's devices and imports them: the devices start appearing in Salute mobile app, SberPortal, SberBox and other devices supported with Salute assistants. Now the user can manage the devices.

A sample of how to manage a vendor’s device:

  1. The user in Salute mobile app turns off a vendor’s lamp.
  2. Salute mobile app sends a command to Sber Smart Home.
  3. Sber Smart Home gets the user's access token and transfers the command to the vendor's сloud.
  4. The vendor's bridge converts the received command into the vendor's API format.
  5. The vendor's API sends a command to the device. The lamp goes out.
  6. The vendor's API returns the new state of the device ("off") to Sber Smart Home.
  7. Sber Smart Home changes the status of the lamp: it appears as off in the Salute mobile app and in the devices supported with Salute assistants.
Обновлено 27 апреля 2022