Step 3. Creating a Cloud-to-Cloud bridge | Documentation for developers
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Step 3. Creating a Cloud-to-Cloud bridge

Last updated on August 26, 2022

The bridge is created on your side and is needed to translate Sber Smart Home queries into your API internal queries and return a response: through the bridge, the Sber Smart Home will transmit user commands into your cloud and receive information on the user's devices and their state.

Besides, the bridge may be used to implement feedback: you can send queries to the Smart Home API thereby notifying of changes.

This section describes the structures used to describe devices and their state; it also describes the format of queries to vendor's webhook – the Smart Home directs these queries to the vendor's cloud. The "API Methods" section enumerates the methods using which you can call the Smart Home API.

  • Format of queries to your webhook. Smart Home sends these queries to your cloud; you will need to process them and return a response.
  • API methods, that may be used to call Sber Smart Home with notifications of user device changes.