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Step 5. Moderation

During the moderation process, the following are checked:

  • Correctness of the data specified in SmartMarket Studio: addresses of all endpoints, authorization data and links, logo and brand name.
  • Operability of the OAuth 2.0 server and bridge: does the linking of accounts work and is it possible to control your devices via the Sber Smart Home. All requests to the webhook are checked, testing is performed on real devices — you must provide them or demonstrate the work on video.

To submit a SmartApp for moderation:

  1. Make sure that the information you specified in SmartMarket Studio is correct.
  2. Check the integration performance thoroughly yourself: all webhooks and API methods are implemented.
  3. Decide how you will demonstrate the functionality of the integration to the moderation team:
    • If you want the moderators to check the integration themselves, prepare the devices that you will send to the Sber Smart Home office.
    • If it is more convenient for you to check by video, prepare a stand: all your devices should be presented on it.
  4. In SmartMarket Studio, click on Отправить на модерацию (Submit for moderation). Moderation will begin, the status of your SmartApp in SmartMarket Studio will change to Модерация (Moderation).
  5. Periodically check the email that you specified in SmartMarket Studio: moderators will contact you to discuss how to check the integration.

If an error is detected during moderation, you will see a message about it in SmartMarket Studio. Click the Вернуть в разработку (Return to Development) button, fix the errors and send the SmartApp for review again.

If you found an error yourself, also stop moderation — in SmartMarket Studio, click the Вернуть в разработку (Return to development) button.

When moderation will completed successfully, you will see a notification in SmartMarket Studio. After that, the smartap will be published automatically.