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Step 5. Project moderation and posting

Last updated on August 26, 2022

The following will be checked in the moderation process:

  • Correctness of data indicated in SmartMarket Studio: addresses of all endpoints, authorization details and links, logo and brand name.
  • OAuth 2.0 server and bridge operability: whether account linking works and whether your devices can be controlled via Sber Smart Home. All webhook queries as well as Smart Home API queries, provided that they are implemented, are checked.

Moderation is performed on real-life devices. Devices from each category you are integrating with Sber Smart Home are to be checked. For example, if you add Sber Smart Home support for a number of air conditioners, we need to moderate at least one of them.

Please note that if you want to obtain the right to post the "Salute! Smart Home" badge on device packaging and the website, the moderation step may be omitted: you will verify the operability of your integration during certification. For more information, read the Certifying devices and obtaining the "Salute! Smart Home" badge.

There are two ways to undergo moderation: