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Last updated on August 26, 2022


Available device functions

The device can have all the functions listed below or some of them. E.g. if no heating temperature can be set for the radiator, there is no need in including the hvac_temp_set function in its model description.

The device has two mandatory functions: online, on_off. All radiators must have them.

hvac_temp_setDesired temperature
on_off✔︎Turning the device on and off remotely
online✔︎Device availability: offline or online
temperatureCurrent temperature

Radiator model description example

The model shall be described in accordance with the model structure. The example describes a radiator equipped with all functions.

Besides, allowed values for the hvac_temp_setfunction (target temperature) of the model are changed: devices of this model can be heated from 25 to 40 C at an interval of 5 C.

"id": "QWERTY124",
"manufacturer": "Xiaqara",
"model": "SM1123456789",
"hw_version": "3.1",
"sw_version": "5.6",
"description": "Xiaqara smart radiator",
"category": "hvac_radiator",
"features": [
"allowed_values": {
"hvac_temp_set": {
"type": "INTEGER",
"integer_values": {
"min": "25",
"max": "40",
"step": "5"

User's radiator description example

The device shall be describe in accordance with the device structure. The example contains no radiator model description as we believe that models are described independently and the model ID will be enough (in this case, QWERTY124).

"id": "ABCD_004",
"name": "My radiator",
"default_name": "Smart radiator",
"nicknames": ["Clever radiator", "Manageable radiator"],
"home": "My home",
"room": "Living room",
"groups": ["Climate", "Heating"],
"model_id": "QWERTY124",
"hw_version": "3.1",
"sw_version": "5.6"