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Data type: INTEGER(5, 50).

Usage method: stores the device state and can change it.

Purpose: controls the setting of the target temperature. It takes values from 5 to 50 C at an interval of 1 C. When describing the device model, the range and interval of values taken by the function can be changed.

Please note that hvac_temp_set reflects the temperature level in the room to be reached. Information on the current temperature received from a built-in sensor must be transmitted via the function temperature.

Devices with this function

Examples of voice commands

— Салют, установи температуру на кондиционере на 25 градусов (Salute, set the temperature of the air conditioner at 25 C)

— Салют, убавь температуру на водонагревателе на 5 градусов (Salute, reduce the temperature of the water heater by 5 C)

— Салют, поставь температуру на кондиционере на минимум (Salute, set the minimum temperature of the air conditioner)

— Салют, сделай теплый пол теплее (Salute, make the heated floor warmer)

Function description for a device model

"features": [
// ...

Function state description example

The example describes a device with the temperature set at 25 C.

"states": [
"key": "hvac_temp_set",
"value": {
"type": "INTEGER",
"integer_value": "25"
Last updated on August 26, 2022