Data type: ENUM.

Method of use: device status is stored and cannot be changed.

Purpose: temperature scale, in which the sensor displays real-time temperature information on its screen:

  • c means degrees Celsius.
  • f means degrees Fahrenheit.

The function should be used only for sensors with a screen that can display the temperature in different temperature scales. For example, if the sensor has a screen, but shows the temperature only in °C, there is no need to specify the function value for it.

Devices with this feature

sensor_temp are temperature and humidity sensors.

Sample voice commands

No voice commands are available.

Function description in the device model

"features": [
    // ...

Sample description of a function state

A sensor described in the sample can display the temperature on its screen in different temperature scales. It is currently transmitting data in °C.

    "states": [
            "key": "temp_unit_view",
            "value": {
                "type": "ENUM",
                "type_value": "c"