Function temp_unit_view | Documentation for developers


Last updated on August 26, 2022

Data type: ENUM.

Usage method: stores the device state without changing it.

Purpose: temperature scale displayed on the sensor screen:

  • c – degrees Celsium.
  • f – degrees Fahrenheit.

The function must be used only for sensors with a screen capable of displaying temperature according to several scales. E.g. if a sensor has a screen but shows the temperature only in C, the function value should not be indicated.

Devices with this function

sensor_temp – temperature and humidity sensors.

Examples of voice commands

No voice commands are available.

Function description for a device model

"features": [
// ...

Function state description example

The example describes a sensor capable of displaying temperature according to several temperature scales. Now it display data in C.

"states": [
"key": "temp_unit_view",
"value": {
"type": "ENUM",
"enum_value": "c"
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