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Data type: INTEGER(0, 1000).

Usage method: stores the device state and can change it.

Purpose: manages the colour temperature. It can take values from 0 to 1,000. It must be indicated in per mille: 1 brightness unit is equal 1/10 percent, where 0% is the maximum brightness of warm LEDs, and 100% is the maximum brightness of cold LEDs.

When describing the device model, the range and interval of values taken by the function can be changed.

Devices with this function

Examples of voice commands

— Салют, сделай свет настольной лампы холоднее (Salute, make the light of the table lamp colder)

— Салют, сделай свет ночной подсветки теплее (Salute, make the night light warmer)

Function description for a device model

"features": [
// ...

Function state description example

The example describes a device at a day light temperature.

"states": [
"key": "light_colour_temp",
"value": {
"type": "INTEGER",
"integer_value": "350"
Last updated on August 26, 2022