Data type: ENUM.

Method of use: device status is stored and cannot be changed.

Purpose: the level of wireless signal. Indicates the quality of connection between the device and the hub or the router:

  • low means low level of signal. Connection failures are possible.
  • medium means medium level of signal. Connection failures are possible sometimes, but the probability is less compared to low level.
  • high means high level of signal. The probability of connection failures occurring is minimal.

Devices with this feature

Sample voice commands

Users cannot use the function, there are no voice commands.

Function description in the device model

"features": [
    // ...

Sample description of a function state

The sample describes high level of signal.

    "states": [
            "key": "signal_strength",
            "value": {
                "type": "ENUM",
                "type_value": "high"