Data type: INTEGER(0, 100).

Method of use: device status is stored and cannot be changed.

Purpose: humidity measurement. The value is indicated as a percentage.

Devices with this feature

sensor_temp are temperature and humidity sensors.

Sample voice commands

Note that currently only commands in Russian are supported. The translation of the commands into English is given in parentheses.

Sample commands:

— Салют, какой уровень влажности в детской? (Salute, what is the humidity level in the nursery?)

— Салют, какая влажность в гостиной? (Salute, what is the humidity level in the living room?)

Function description in the device model

"features": [
    // ...

Sample description of a function state

In the sample, the sensor reports the humidity level of 60%.

    "states": [
            "key": "humidity",
            "value": {
                "type": "INTEGER",
                "integer_value": "60"