Data type: ENUM.

Method of use: notifies about the state of the device, but cannot change it.

Purpose: notifies when motion is detected:

  • pir is sent when motion is detected.

Devices with this feature

sensor_pir are motion sensors.

Sample voice commands

Note that currently only commands in Russian are supported. The translation of the commands into English is given in parentheses.

Sample commands:

— Салют, есть ли движение у двери? (Salute, is there any movement at the door?)

— Салют, есть ли движение в коридоре? (Salute, is there any movement in the corridor?)

Function description in the device model

"features": [
    // ...

Sample description of a function state

The sample describes a sensor that can notify about motion detection.

    "states": [
            "key": "pir",
            "value": {
                "type": "ENUM",
                "type_value": "pir"