Data type: INTEGER(10,1000).

Method of use: a device status is stored and can be changed.

Purpose: determines the light brightness. Can take values from 10 to 1,000.

Devices with this feature

Sample voice commands

Note that currently only commands in Russian are supported. The translation of the commands into English is given in parentheses.

Sample commands:

— Салют, увеличь яркость лампы (Salute, increase the lamp brightness)

— Салют, убавь яркость люстры на 30% (Salute, turn down the chandelier brightness by 30%)

— Салют, сделай яркость ночной подсветки на минимум (Salute, set the nightlight brightness to a minimum)

If the user gave the command as a percentage, the brightness value must be calculated based on the fact that 1% is equal to 10 units of brightness. Therefore, for example:

  • At the command "Salute, turn down the brightness of the chandelier by 30%", the brightness should be reduced by 300.
  • At the command "Salute, set the brightness of the chandelier at 50%", the brightness should be set at 500.

Function description in the device model

"features": [
    // ...

Sample description of a function state

The sample describes a device which brightness is set to 50% of the maximum.

    "states": [
            "key": "light_brightness",
            "value": {
                "type": "INTEGER",
                "integer_value": "500"