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The hub is the smart home management center. It sends information with regard to its status (online or offline) to Sber Smart Home. This is how Sber Smart Home understands whether devices connected through the hub are available: if the hub is offline, then all connected devices will have the same status.

For devices connected to the smart home through a hub, the parent_id field must be filled in. It must contain the hub ID in the vendor's system.

?> Please note that if the hub has functions of a smart device itself, for example, it is a light bulb or an outlet, then the hub must be described according to its structural functions: light, socket, etc. If the hub only connects devices or its additional functions are not yet supported by Sber Smart Home, please describe it according to the hub structure.

Available device functions

online✔︎Device availability: offline or online

Sample description of the hub model

The model is described in accordance with the model structure. The described hub can only connect other devices to a smart home.

"id": "QWERTY124",
"manufacturer": "Xiaqara",
"model": "SM1123456789",
"hw_version": "3.1",
"sw_version": "5.6",
"description": "Xiaqara smart hub",
"category": "hub",
"features": [

Sample description of a hub of a user

The model is described in accordance with the device structure. In the sample there is no description of the hub model, therefore we believe that the models are described in a separate file and it is sufficient to specify only the model ID (in this case, QWERTY124).

"id": "ABCD_004",
"name": "My hub",
"default_name": "Smart hub",
"nicknames": [
"Smart controller",
"Intelligent hub",
"home": "My home",
"room": "Living room",
"groups": [
"model_id": "QWERTY124",
"hw_version": "3.1",
"sw_version": "5.6"