Socket is a device for connecting to the power grid. Examples:

  • Socket
  • Extension cord

Available device functions

The device may have all the following functions or just some of them. For example, if a smart socket cannot measure a current power consumption, you do not need to include the current, power, and voltage functions into the model description.

The device has a mandatory online function: all sockets must comply with this requirement.

Function Mandatory? Description
child_lock Locking the power button against children
current Current amperage, mA
on_off Switching the device on and off remotely
online ✔︎ Device availability: offline or online
power Current power, W
voltage Current voltage, V

Sample socket model description

The model is described in accordance with the model structure. The sample describes a socket that can turn on and off remotely, measure current power consumption, and lock the power button against children. The socket has an off timer.

    "id": "QWERTY124",
    "manufacturer": "Xiaqara",
    "model": "SM1123456789",
    "hw_version": "3.1",
    "sw_version": "5.6",
    "description": "Xiaqara smart socket",
    "category": "socket",
    "features": [

Sample user socket description

The model is described in accordance with the device structure. In the sample there is no description of the socket model, therefore we believe that the models are described in a separate file and it is sufficient to specify only the model ID (in this case, QWERTY124).

    "id": "ABCD_004",
    "name": "My socket",
    "default_name": "Smart socket",
    "nicknames": [
        "Intelligent socket",
        "Controlled socket",
    "home": "My home",
    "room": "Living room",
    "groups": [
      "Video equipment",
    "model_id": "QWERTY124",
    "hw_version": "3.1",
    "sw_version": "5.6"