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Assistant Client


English version of the documentation is under development.

Assistant Client is the tool for local testing and debugging of CanvasApp with Salute virtual assistant. It has been implemented in the form of a JavaScript protocol which emulates Android environment and calls native methods. This approach does not require a developer to have hardware and allows launching a virtual assistant via a browser.


To install Assistant Client, execute the following command:

$ npm i @sberdevices/assistant-client

Request authorization

For Smart App development and local testing using Assistant Client, you will need a token for authorization of requests for an assistant. This token is to be transferred in createSmartappDebugger.

To get the token for authorization:

  1. Log in to SmartMarket Studio.

  2. Press your profile icon in the right upper corner of the window and select Profile settings.

  3. Go to Emulator. You will see a unique token for authorization.

    The token is valid for all your Smart Apps for 24 hours.

  4. Press the button Copy the key. The token will be copied to the clipboard.

If the period of token validity has expired, update the token by pressing the button Update the key.