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English version of the documentation is under development.

SaluteJS is an open source framework that allows the creation of SmartApp scenarios in JavaScript. SaluteJS can be used for Chat App and Canvas App.

Capabilities of the framework

  • Displaying hints on available intents and commands.
  • Integration with Node.js web frameworks: expressjs, hapi, koa.
  • Integration with customer frameworks: NextJS, Gatsby.
  • Supporting all recognizers (RegExp, String Similarity, SmartApp Brain and the option to create a new one.
  • Supporting embedded serverless calculation functions (lambda functions).
  • Supporting adapters to work with sessions: memory, memcached, redis.
  • The ability to make dictionaries with the assistant replies to send a response depending on the character.

Installation Requirements

  • Node.js version 12.0.0 and later.
  • Internet for establishing relations.

Framework structure

SaluteJS consists of several packages:

  • Scenario
  • Recognizer
  • Memory
  • I18n


npm i -S @salutejs/scenario

Scenario is a package with the description of the user interface structure. The dictionary of intents, system commands and an interface for adapting the text to the needed virtual assistant are specified additionally.

Recognizer String Similarity

npm i -S @salutejs/recognizer-string-similarity

Recognizer String Similarity is a package for recognizing simple phrases and comparing lines without filling slots.

Recognizer SmartApp Brain

npm i -S @salutejs/recognizer-smartapp-brain

SmartApp Brain is a technology for identifying the meaning of a user's speech (intent).

Storage Adapter Memory

npm i -S @salutejs/storage-adapter-memory

Memory is a package for working with the user's session at the level of scenario. To save the data in a session you need an identifier, which comes in the uuid.sessionId variable.

SmartApp examples

In the repository at GitHub you can find an example of Canvas App SmartApp created at SaluteJS. The SmartApp was transferred from the SmartApp Code.

Similar tools

You can also use the following SmartMarket tools to create scenarios: