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SmartApp Code


English version of the documentation is under development.

SmartApp Code is the environment for developing smart apps in JavaScript and SmartApp DSL. SmartApp Code gives you access to an editor of intents, entities and scenarios, and to advanced analytical tools.

Projects developed in SmartApp Code are tagged Code in the list of apps.

Technical requirements

Smart apps created in SmartApp Code will function on all devices regardless of the browser and type of the device.

However, Smart App creation has several requirements.

Google Chrome

SmartApp Code can be used only with Google Chrome. Currently, we have not tested functions in other browsers, and we cannot guarantee that it will work correctly. Therefore, you should use Google Chrome.

Use on a PC

Working with SmartApp Code requires a laptop or a desktop computer.

Stable Internet connection

You will need stable Internet connection for correct functioning.

Google Chrome also has its requirements. You can learn about them here.