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SmartApp API

English version of the documentation is under development.

The assistant uses SmartApp API to exchange messages with apps presented as third-party web services. Messages are exchanged using the HTTPS protocol. The assistant receives text from the user, which it sends to the SmartApp using a POST request to the Webhook URL. The webhook address should be specified when creating a SmartApp on SmartMarket Studio. The text can be either the user's text, the text of a pressed button, or the text that the user has specified in the interface. The assistant waits seven seconds for a response from the webhook.

Use SmartApp API to port apps from other platforms. For instance, you can port skills of Alice.

Personal data of users is not transferred to individuals. If you represent an organization and your SmartApp needs to process user data, contact us at developer@sberdevices.ru.

The documentation of SmartApp API contains general description of assistant queries and SmartApp responses, as well as detailed description of the elements of the response:

  • cards and texts;
  • commands;
  • actions;
  • characters' emotions.
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