Kidsar SDK
Kidsar SDK

Kidsar SDK

Create unique educational AR games with a mirror from the Kidsar kit for the SberPortal device

About the library

A library for solving applied problems with computer vision on the SberPortal device and with a mirror from the Kidsar kit. It gives developers the opportunity to quickly and efficiently add new functions in their solutions without immersing in Computer Vision algorithms.

The library has been developed entirely on C++, built for the current SberPortal firmware and weighs 0.5 Mb

Capabilities and advantages

362 cards from the Kidsar kit: Russian and English alphabets, numbers, and graphical objects

The recognition of object silhouettes and the outline of shapes

The recognition of unlimited number of objects in the frame

Maximum performance with minimal use of computing resources

Connecting a camera is not required, it is already in the SDK

Real-time Unity and Unreal Engine wrappers

Speed of recognition

Average time of basic recognition functions per 1000 runs

Wheel Extractor

Windows — 32 ms
SberPortal — 84 ms

Card Recognizer

Windows — 11 ms
SberPortal — 56 ms

Shape Recognizer

Windows — 16 ms
SberPortal — 108 ms

Use cases

Skyeng. English with Al

Skyeng. English with Al

A new Skyeng game for children starting to learn the English language. The child will learn their first 135 words with Al the alien. Al the alien has come to Earth from Mars and he needs help learning the most common language on our planet. The child is going to participate in a virtual trip to different countries with Al and learn new English words. They will go everywhere: to London streets, the Queen’s reception, a farm in America, a carnival in Brazil... The game will require a special set of augmented reality accessories

Banda Umnikov (Gang of Wise Guys) The Charmed

Banda Umnikov (Gang of Wise Guys) The Charmed

A new game by Banda Umnikov (Gang of Wise Guys) developing imagination and abstract thinking. An evil wizard has bewitched the dwellers of a forest glade and a mountain valley — now there are only pale shadows left of them. To help animals and plants to become bright and beautiful again, players should collect their shapes of cards with ornaments. The app requires Kidsar, a set of AR accessories

Kidsar SDK

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