MagicLook SDK
MagicLook SDK

MagicLook SDK

Create apps for trying on 3D accessories, masks and costumes in augmented reality

About the library

Lightweight cross-platform (iOS, Android) C++ library to display animated 3D AR effects in real time.

SDK allows determining position of faces and poses in real time quickly and with high quality, and to display animated 3D objects on them.


SDK assesses 3D geometry of faces and poses in real time on mobile devices with low productivity and sufficient FPS for correct online operation.

SDK includes neural network models: Face detection, Head Pose Estimation, Face Alignment and Pose Estimation. The neural networks are adapted to NPU, which enables quicker processing of information from a camera

Detection on a wide-angle camera is possible at a distance of 2-3 meters. The neural network allows detecting faces even in case of head turning. SDK includes Filament rendering engine, which enables quick and high-quality rendering

SDK capabilities

Tackling computer vision tasks

Detecting faces, poses and analyzing their changes

3D model rendering

Real-time rendering of 3D models in glb format and their superimposition on landmark

Business Logic

Change of scene, adding objects to the foreground, animated objects on the foreground in a cycle, playing music to the scene

CPU / RAM load

CPU usage, %

libcvprocessor.so — 6
libsrenderer.so — 5
Overall: APP wo render, cv — 0-1
Overall: APP wo render, cv — 11-13

RAM usage, mb

libcvprocessor.so ~ 20
libsrenderer.so ~ 110
Overall: APP wo render, cv ~ 117
Overall: APP wo render, cv ~ 250

Size, mb

libcvprocessor.so — 8
libsrenderer.so — 30

Time ex, NPU

FaceDet + FaceAlign — 13 ms (wo cv_service)
Poses+FaceDet+FaceAlign — 43 ms (30 pose + 13)
Render — менее 1 ms

Distance, m

FaceDet + FaceAlign — 2,5-3 (light condition)
Poses+FaceDet+FaceAlign — 3-4

Use cases

Wonder books

Wonder books

Make yourself comfortable, launch a story and discover wonderful AR world. Stylish masks of characters, carefully designed scenery and unique soundtrack will help you immerse yourself in the story. You will be the storyteller, the Little Red Riding Hood, the Big Bad Wolf. You will walk through the magic forest and visit the Grandmother. You will never feel bored! You will have a happy time with your family. Show these tales to your children before going to bed, or have a good time whenever you want. Currently, the app contains one tale, but we are working on new stories, and we will inform you when they are available

MagicLook SDK

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