Visual Positioning System
Visual Positioning System

Visual Positioning System

A visual positioning technology for creating augmented reality apps

About the service

Visual Positioning System is a service that tracks the position of the user’s camera in three dimensions with high precision. It allows for placing 3D graphics in an AR layer in the mobile app with accurate positioning on a specific location both outdoors and indoors. The service can be integrated into an app using the Visual Positioning System SDK which is currently available for the iOS, Android and Unity platforms.

How does it work?

In order to work Visual Positioning System needs a digital model of a location which is created specifically for our project and stored on the Visual Positioning System server. When the user points their phone’s camera at a location or object, a special neural network on his device scans specific points from the camera’s video feed. These points are then matched with the digital model of the location, through which the user’s position is determined. As a result, AR graphics appear on screen. You can work with ready-made locations in the service, for example, popular spots in Moscow. We are actively working on creating new locations

Capabilities of the SDK

High precision

Allows the placing of AR content that is precisely connected to an outdoors or indoors location

Quick server response

The quick response time of the servers allows the app to display AR content instantly

Easy integration

The service can be integrated into a project easily and quickly using the Visual Positioning System SDK library

A wide range of locations

You can use ready-made popular public spaces in Moscow. We can also create a location for your project

Visual Positioning System

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