What is Salute
What is Salute

What is Salute

Three characters — one goal. Create SmartApps, teach virtual assistants, and reach Sber’s multi-million audience

Salute Family

Salute includes virtual assistants Sber, Joy, and Athena. They live in mobile apps and on Sber's smart devices. They have different voices and characters, which means that you will easily find your assistant

How to call the assistant

Say ‘Salute’

The assistants are available on any Sber devices, as well as in Sberbank Online and Salute apps.

Just say ‘Salute,’ call the assistant you need, and ask it to help you. The assistant can play another track, transfer money from your card, tell you what’s the weather like, and just talk to you.


The assistants can be joyful, sad, embarrassed, show affection and concern: the assistant icon changes its form, color, and way of movement, reflecting the character’s mood

SmartMarket Studio

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