Object Recognition in images and videos
Object Recognition in images and videos

Object Recognition in images and videos

Monetize items in photos, videos and streams and metadata to your content to improve product search and categorization with the Layer by Sber platform

How the Layer by Sber service works for videos

1. During video playback, the viewer presses pause

2. The information about actors, places, clothes, accessories in the frame and links to partner websites where you can buy the same or similar products appear on the screen

3. The viewer goes to a partner website and buys items, and you receive a commission

Video recognition capabilities

Layer by Sber recognizes objects in videos online, or can «read» them from the camera, so you can integrate products into live broadcasts

Immediate recognition

Layer by Sber can identify objects during live broadcasts

Manual markup

It is possible to mark the objects up manually

Recognition speed

In offline mode it recognizes 7000 hours of video in a month

Content monetization

If the viewer goes to a partner website, you receive commission for a targeted action.

You entertain the audience and make money from their spontaneous desires

Growing involvement

The content becomes more interesting — it is now not just a video on a screen, but a way of becoming involved.

The view can go exactly where the film takes place, dress up as a character they like, or learn more about the actor

The more fun people have from interacting with content, the higher user loyalty and the more stable retention become


— Highlighting popular content
— Enriching user data
— Finding patterns

Convenient analytics will allow you to drill down into your audience and user scenarios

Layer by Sber

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