Omnichannel chat platform for online sales and customer support

About the service

Jivo provides online communication with the customer, including chat on a website, phone calls and call-backs, receiving messages from social networks, messengers, apps and mail

Queries from all channels are in one app

Jivo collects messages from different channels into a single conversation feed:
— a chat on a website and in a mobile app,
— social networks,
— messengers,
— mail,
— calls and SMS.
You will not miss a single customer query!

The operator work is five times more efficient

Jivo personal profile has everything you need for convenient and efficient operator work: answer templates, prompt phrases, automatic hints. Operators can redirect the chat to a colleague or connect the right employee to the conversation with the customer to ensure better service

A perfect balance between automation and personal communication

A properly configured chat-bot can close up to 50% of calls without an operator instantly responding to an infinite number of calls both day and night. The bot can easily answer standard questions andwill redirect the dialog to an operator if it runs into a difficulty. Jivo chat-bots can help your operators to focus on what is really important for business: targeted requests and complex issues

Transparent communication with the customer

Jivo provides detailed statistics for each channel and operator, including received and missed messages, the duration of the dialog, user evaluations etc. Jivo stores the entire history of conversations, recordings and transcripts of calls, so you can analyze your employees’ communication with customers and evaluate their work

Easy integration into your IT landscape

Jivo transmits the correspondence history to the customer card in your CRM and shows the customer data from the CRM in the operator’s app. Jivo can be integrated with all popular CRM, CMS and analytics systems, as well as with any system using the API and services Albato or Zapier

Apps for computers and smartphones

Jivo provides most comfortable environment to work in. Operators can correspond with the customer using a smartphone or a tablet Jivo


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