An app for Salute assistants
An app for Salute assistants

An app for Salute assistants

Automate your business and reach a new audience with Salute assistants

Create a SmartApp for your business

SmartApp is an app for Salute virtual assistants. Salute assistants live on Sber smart devices and in Sberbank Online and Salute apps. You can teach your assistant new things with SmartApps

Your SmarApp gives access to Sber’s audience of millions!


SmartApp with Digital Goods

Create a game or an app for Sber smart devices and use them to sell digital content such as game currency and objects

A New Channel for Reaching Out to Audience

The audience of Salute assistants and users of smart devices can become your customers

Automation of Customer Advice

Tell about your goods or services with virtual assistants

Sales of Goods or Services

Get a virtual showcase, which the users of Sber smart devices and Salute assistants will see. Connect payment acceptance and make SmartApp a sales channel

The Automation of Information Collection for Delivery

Trust the virtual assistant to gather information about delivery details

Access to Sber’s Audience of Millions

Millions of users will see your app.
It will be available on Sber’s digital devices and in Sberbank Online and Salute apps

Start Simple

Make a request and we will create a free promotional SmartApp for your company based on a ready-made template. Users will be able to see your promotions, contacts, list of goods, as well as get the answers to frequent questions with the help of Salute voice assistants

Cases with Salute assistants

Cases with apps for Salute virtual assistants

Development tools

Free tools and frameworks to develop SmartApps are available for you.

Develop with your own resources or seek development from our accredited partners

SmartApp tools


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