SmartApp Graph

A visual builder to create SmartApps

Create a SmartApp without programming

The easiest way to create an app

SmartApp Graph is a free zero-code tool that does not require any skills in programming.

Build a SmartApp from blocks, just like in a construction kit!

Ready-made templates and hosting

  • Use templates to create SmartApps for a quick start or develop them from scratch
  • Upload images, sounds and front-end of your SmartApp to the free hosting

Where to start


Create an account at SmartMarket Studio


Select SmartApp Graph tool


Create a SmartApp from scratch or use a ready-made template

Full support

A space at GitHub
For suggestions and comments on the SmartMarket platform
Community in Telegram
Ask questions, share your results and participate in discussions

Associated tools

SmartApp Code
A development environment in SmartApp DSL and JavaScript
SmartApp Brain
A technology to identify the meaning of the user’s phrase
SmartApp API
Easy transfer of apps to our platform

SmartApp Graph

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